Are you thinking tattoo removal is going to be both painful and expensive?

It doesn’t have to be 🙂

Getting rid of an embarrassing tattoo is a huge problem for millions of people.

In fact, in the US alone, thousands upon thousands of people a month search for “tattoo removal,” so you are in good company 🙂

There are many methods of tattoo removal …

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Does tattoo removal cream work?

Be honest- have you wondered about this? Many people have.

Would you love the simplicity of being able to remove your tattoo at home with a cream?

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? Read on for I have both good news and bad news 🙂

Perhaps you already know about the painful methods of home tattoo removal (like salabrasion, dermabrasion, using acids and irons etc to burn the tattoos off etc) … and have wisely decided against all of those.

Using a cream would be so convenient, as there would be

  • no mess
  • no skin damage
  • no gore.

Is this why so many ask does tattoo removal cream work?

The honest answer is …

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An effective tattoo removal cream would be a godsend for so many peoplewould you agree?

Read on, for I can help with that 🙂

Perhaps like many people, you have considered the most popular method, laser tattoo removal and discovered it’s very expensive.

And, there are painful disadvantages to these methods of tattoo removal …

Tattoo removal creams have been around for many years

If you look at many of the Forums or Amazon reviews for tattoo removal creams, for example, you would be left in no doubt that many of them do not live up to the expectations of the buyer …

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Tattoo removal at home sounds like a great idea …

You may be wondering if it possible?

Here’s the good news …

You can remove a tattoo at home 🙂

And here’s the really good news …

  • there’s no pain or scars
  • no side effects and
  • no nasty chemicals if you follow the method I recommend which is

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The cost of tattoo removal is worrying for many, but I can help with that 🙂

Much depends on the method of tattoo removal you are considering … and that depends on the

  • location,
  • size,
  • shape
  • colours used in that tattoo you want to get rid of and
  • whether it is an amateur or professional tattoo.

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