Looking for brilliant coverup tattoo ideas?

There’s a lot more than designs to think about.

So you’ve made the decision your tat has to go …

And, this time you want a tattoo you will be happy with, one that you can live with.

You have options, possibly more than you realise 🙂

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent tattoo cover up?

If you are looking for a cover up as a temporary measure, there’s special makeup available.

The problem is:

Choosing colours on the internet to blend with your skin tone is difficult.
You probably know already that printed colours are not always “true.”
If the colours don’t blend in well, it will draw attention to the area, which is the last thing you want.

So, choosing the best makeup to cover tattoos can be difficult….

But in an emergency, here’s a tattoo cover up idea you can use at home, using items you may already have … (though I can’t vouch for it).

Isn’t that a great result?

You probably won’t have the time to do that every day 🙂 so you may want to consider

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