Does tattoo removal cream work?

Be honest- have you wondered about this? Many people have.

Would you love the simplicity of being able to remove your tattoo at home with a cream?

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? Read on for I have both good news and bad news 🙂

Perhaps you already know about the painful methods of home tattoo removal (like salabrasion, dermabrasion, using acids and irons etc to burn the tattoos off etc) … and have wisely decided against all of those.

Using a cream would be so convenient, as there would be

  • no mess
  • no skin damage
  • no gore.

Is this why so many ask does tattoo removal cream work?

The honest answer is …

It depends on the cream and the ingredients in it … And here’s the bad news …

The world of tattoo removal creams is very murky …

Let me explain …

If you look at the Forums, you would be left in no doubt that many of the creams do not live up to expectations.  Similarly the  reviews for the some of the creams sold on Amazon make very depressing reading. These are direct quotes, taken at random …

Verified Purchase

“THIS DOES NOT WORK IT JUST DAMAGES YOUR SKIN. It is awful how these companies exploit people. I was, and still am, desperate to get rid of my tattoos as they are on my hands and it is affecting my life. This cream does NOTHING. You may as well flush your money down the toilet. I am going to Trading Standards as I fully intend to get a refund as I cannot afford to throw £60 away. All this cream ‘system’ will do is make you smell horrid, possibly affect your breathing due to some of the ingredients and stain your skin. If I could give no stars I would have done so. The people who make this stuff should be prosecuted under the miselling of goods. I spoke to my GP about it and he said that no creams would get rid of tattoos at best some may fade the appearance.”
“I’ve been using this cream for approximately 3 months now, 3 times a day, and it has done nothing to fad my tattoo.”
“This product did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I used it everyday for a month and a half, with no change at all. I would have been happy if there was even a little change, but there was none. This is equal to rubbing your skin with a super fine sandpaper everyday then putting moisturizer on it. It did nothing.”
“total crap, doesn’t work. Should be banned altogether, I’m talking class action lawsuit b.s. waste of time & money -the most worthless product I’ve ever purchased in life.”
“in retrospect, I should have taken the same amount of money, bought a fifth of liquor and a belt sander.”
 “Don’t bother buying this product it’s total rubbish and a total waste of money!”

Some of these creams have been available for years … one has 190 reviews and a two star rating, which should tell the manufacturers customers are not happy … I have read they rely on impulse purchases in Target etc. I have no idea if this is true.

And now for the good news 🙂

Result of using "Fade Easy tatooo removal cream" for seven months.Just suppose there was a new tattoo removal cream available …

  • which could be delivered to your door
  • which contained only 100% essential oils
  • needed just two quick applications massaged onto your tattoo each day and
  • would remove a black ink tattoo in 3-4 months
  • And was designed and formulated by Professional Tattoo Artist and Coverup Specialist, Jason Carter, the author of “Get Rid Tattoo Naturally”…

Is this something you would like to know more about ?

Just in case you are not familiar with Jason, his DIY home tattoo removal system has been available for over 6 years.

It has enabled thousands of people to remove their tattoos at home.

You can understand his reputation is at stake here with his tattoo removal cream.

You can read my review of his Get Rid Tattoo system here  🙂

The good news is …

Jason’s “Apply Easy” tattoo removal cream has just become available to the public  (December 2016) after extensive testing by volunteers.

How does tattoo removal cream work?

does tattoo removal cream work? look at the evidence after 4 months of using Fade EasyIt depends on the cream.

It would be true to say that some creams do damage to the skin.

You would be wise to check out the ingredients carefully before buying.

This is because some contain dangerous ingredients like TCA and hydroquinone, others contain salicylic acid

Some have to be applied with an abrasive applicator.

One company recommends washing the area with soap and water and using a loofah, or similar, to gently massage the area.Then dry and massage in the cream. Repeat twice daily for 90 days to see results.

Can you imagine how painful that could be after a few days? It’s a mild form of dermabrasion.

How does tattoo removal cream work?

With Jason’s Apply Easy tattoo removal cream, it’s due to the ingredients which break up the ink.

He uses only pure activated 100% essential oils 🙂

You need to massage the cream into the skin, ideally twice a day for a few moments at a time.

Jason says it will take 3-4 months for the ink in a black tattoo to disappear … longer for other colours.

You can learn more about Apply Easy and the science behind it and how it works to break down the tattoo ink here.  Let me warn you, the explanation is a bit technical 🙂

As you will see if you’ve followed the link above, Jason has made the product available in 3 different sizes. You can choose the most economical depending on the colours and size of your tattoo.

Shipping costs are free if you live in the US … elsewhere in the world, shipping costs depend on the quantity of cream you order.

And here’s the question I get asked so often … and I quite understand the distress  poorly tattoo’d eyebrows cause … as they are so obvious to everyone …

Does Apply Easy tattoo removal cream work on tattoo’d eyebrows?

Yes, Apply Easy can be used to get rid of tattoo’d eyebrows, but obviously you need to avoid getting the cream in your eyes.does tattoo removal cream work? fade easy does

So, as far as Fade Easy is concerned, does tattoo removal cream work?

The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Look at the pics on this page. These are real examples of testers results from using Fade Easy 🙂

You can make this cream up your self.

In his e-book, Jason tells you which ingredients to use and teaches you the special massage techniques to break up the ink, or you can buy it ready made, once you have learnt the special massage techniques.

It’s up to you 🙂

  • You don’t need to have lots of money
  • You don’t need to have lots of time
  • Now you know the answer to “does tattoo removal cream work?” is “yes” if you will just follow Jason’s system …

Imagine the freedom you will feel having got rid of that pesky tattoo 🙂

So go ahead and get started right now by watching this short video

You’ll be glad you did 🙂