Does tattoo removal cream work?

Be honest- have you wondered about this? Many people have.

Would you love the simplicity of being able to remove your tattoo at home with a cream?

It would be so easy, wouldn’t it? Read on for I have both good news and bad news 🙂

Perhaps you already know about the painful methods of home tattoo removal (like salabrasion, dermabrasion, using acids and irons etc to burn the tattoos off etc) … and have wisely decided against all of those.

Using a cream would be so convenient, as there would be

  • no mess
  • no skin damage
  • no gore.

Is this why so many ask does tattoo removal cream work?

The honest answer is …

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An effective tattoo removal cream would be a godsend for so many peoplewould you agree?

Read on, for I can help with that 🙂

Perhaps like many people, you have considered the most popular method, laser tattoo removal and discovered it’s very expensive.

And, there are painful disadvantages to these methods of tattoo removal …

Tattoo removal creams have been around for many years

If you look at many of the Forums or Amazon reviews for tattoo removal creams, for example, you would be left in no doubt that many of them do not live up to the expectations of the buyer …

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Looking for brilliant coverup tattoo ideas?

There’s a lot more than designs to think about.

So you’ve made the decision your tat has to go …

And, this time you want a tattoo you will be happy with, one that you can live with.

You have options, possibly more than you realise 🙂

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent tattoo cover up?

If you are looking for a cover up as a temporary measure, there’s special makeup available.

The problem is:

Choosing colours on the internet to blend with your skin tone is difficult.
You probably know already that printed colours are not always “true.”
If the colours don’t blend in well, it will draw attention to the area, which is the last thing you want.

So, choosing the best makeup to cover tattoos can be difficult….

But in an emergency, here’s a tattoo cover up idea you can use at home, using items you may already have … (though I can’t vouch for it).

Isn’t that a great result?

You probably won’t have the time to do that every day 🙂 so you may want to consider

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Shortly, you will discover which is the best tattoo removal cream or the best tattoo fading cream you can use to get rid of that unwanted tattoo …

Just for the record, let me say you are in for a pleasant surprise 🙂

Have you been led to believe that tattoo removal is both expensive and painful?

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be… and I’m about to help you with that 🙂

First of all, though, you need to decide whether you want to fade your tattoo or remove it completely…

If you have an emergency and need to fade a tattoo urgently, you might find this technique helpful, (though I can’t vouch for it)…

Wasn’t that amazing?

As you might guess, if you want a more permanent solution, you need to know…

Which is the best tattoo removal cream?

There's quite a choice and it depends on the result you want...

It may be that your tattoo is not very obvious and you don’t necessarily want to remove it completely…

Or you’ve decided on a cover up and just want to fade some of the original ink.

Some people have been advised to use a fading cream before laser surgery to cut down the number of treatments and therefore the expense.

Others have been advised to use fading cream after laser surgery when they have been disappointed with the results.

(Some colours and inks are not easy to remove with lasers).

New tattoo removal creams and fading creams suddenly appear, get rave reviews and disappear just as quickly…

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“How much does tattoo removal cost?” is searched for thousands of times a day, by people all over the world.

Do you regret getting that tattoo?

Decided you have to get rid of it?

Let me help:)

No doubt you have heard it’s expensive and painful.

It can be – but there’s good news and there’s bad news …

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be expensive or painful …

Far fetched?

Not at all, as you will see with this new breakthrough …

Which you can check out here

But before we go any further, I want to get something straight…

The bad news is that tattoo removal may not be quite as straightforward as you were hoping. Here’s why…

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