Astonished to discover there are laser tattoo removal dangers?

Since laser tattoo removal first became available in the 1990’s, it has become the most popular way to get rid of a tattoo.

And there are plenty of customers 🙂
Surveys show that more than 50% of the people who have a tat later regret it and want it removed.

The sad fact is that while it is very easy and relatively inexpensive to get at tattoo, removal can be very costly and take months, often years.

Then there is the method of removal to choose…

  • Some methods are more painful than others.
  • Some leave more scars than others.
  • Some are much more expensive than others.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser treatment breaks up the tattoo ink so that the particles become very much smaller and can then be “digested” by the body.

Some dermatologists prefer to describe this as the scavenger cells “eating up” the ink.

There is a 3 day recovery period  – at least – after every treatment. Your practitioner will give you advice which you should follow to avoid infection and scarring.

You will need to wait for 6-8 weeks between sessions, though some practitioners are saying 3 weeks between sessions is sufficient …frosting showing laser tattoo removal dangers

In each session the laser eats deeper into the layers of skin to gradually fade the tattoo.

The number of treatments needed to get rid of the tattoo depends on whether it is a

  • professional or amateur tattoo and the
  • size,
  • position and
  • age of the tattoo.

An amateur tattoo can take 4-6 treatments, a professional takes 8-10 sessions. For a large tattoo, 25-30 sessions are not uncommon.

Basically, there used to be three different types of lasers which can be used. They are all Q switched (or very high energy lasers):

  • the Alexandrite,
  • the Ruby and
  • the NdYAG.

Some clinics are now using the Picosure, which they say, gives better clearance of the ink with less recovery time and results in fewer treatments …

But don’t get too excited 🙂 – the treatments tend to be very much more expensive.

No doubt you are aware that some colours are more easily removed than others – this is one of the strengths of the PicoSure.

It can remove colours which previously were very difficult to remove … like green, pale blue and yellow, though it struggles to remove red.

Sounds good …

Are there any laser tattoo removal dangers?


It really hurts …

You can use a numbing cream beforehand or injections with Lindocaine  … (it’s expensive – $50 a time is not unusual!)

The pain is described by some as being spattered with hot fat, while others say it is like being snapped repeatedly with lots of rubber bands.

There is more than one famous sportsman who has started laser treatment and decided to live with his unwanted tattoos, as it was too painful to continue …

It is generally accepted that 1-2% of tattoos removed with a laser lead to scarring.

It is then possible to have further laser treatment to remove the scarring (which costs you more, of course!).

Laser treatment is not always successful, so this is definitely one of the laser tattoo removal dangers you need to take into account.

Some pigment may not be removed.

Semi-permanent and permanent inks are a problem to remove and these inks can turn black …

And this is irreversible.

Sometimes skin is darkened with laser treatment and sometimes it is lightened.

There is no way of knowing this beforetattoo not completely removed showing laser tattoo removal dangers starting the treatment. These side effects are also permanent – and obvious.

Then there is the skill of the laser technician.

You need to ask questions about their training.

Never ever choose cheap laser treatment – it’s cheap for a reason. It may be that they want to practice on you 🙁

 How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

The simple answer is – it’s expensive…

… a tattoo that cost $25 can easily cost $5000 to remove.

While tattoo removal prices do vary, typically, you can expect to pay $200-$500 per session, which may only last a few moments each time.

As you can see, laser tattoo removal is a very lucrative business to be in.

It has been estimated that it takes 10 treatments to remove the average tattoo, each session being 6-8 weeks apart … but check here what an industry insider told me 🙂

The average cost of tattoo removal in US is $7000+.

This is definitely one of the laser tattoo removal dangers – fortunately, most clinics have payment plans to help with this expense.

How to avoid laser tattoo removal dangers…

If the thought of paying out all that money, not to mention the pain and time taken up for all those clinic visits is just too much for you, then I have good news …

Home tattoo removal is possible and preferable for many.

There is a simple system I have been recommending for six years 🙂

Watch the video and check this out. You’ll be amazed at what you are about to discover 🙂

Removing your tattoo at home isn’t for everyone … but it is very much cheaper, and has many other advantages as well … no pain and no scarring 🙂

And if you have decided that laser tattoo removal is your choice, I can help 🙂

No doubt you have lots of questions… perhaps some of these…

  • What effects will laser tattoo removal have on my daily activities and responsibilities?
  • How can I best avoid physical pain, infection, and scarring?
  • How does laser tattoo removal work exactly, and how will it interact with my skin?
  • What are the possible complications and side effects?
  • How do I choose the right laser professional, and what specific search tools can I use to find a qualified professional in my area?
  • What is the cost, frequency and number of sessions involved?
  • Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?
  • What should I expect the day of my laser session?
  • What should I expect as my skin will be healing over the following weeks?
  • What are the best aftercare products I can use to make sure my skin heals properly?
  • Can lasers be used to remove permanent makeup, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and traumatic tattoos?

The answer to all of these questions – and more are here. Tania shares with you a video of her experience.

She shows you how to choose the best laser tattoo removal technician in your area and even gives you a questionnaire to take along for your first visit.


Think about it…

If you are about to undergo a serious medical procedure, wouldn’t it be helpful to know more about the experience and what questions you should ask?

Of course – and with this extra knowledge, you will be able to avoid many of the laser tattoo removal dangers others face.

Stop for a moment and just imagine how you will feel without the embarrassment of that unwanted tattoo!

Imagine how “free” you will feel 🙂

Getting rid of that unwanted tattoo made a huge difference to Tania’s life – it could do the same for you…

Listen to Tania’s story here 🙂