Would you like to know how to remove a tattoo at home?

Of course you would – otherwise you wouldn’t be here 🙂

So many people worry about how to remove a tattoo.

It’s quite easy when you know how…

And, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t have to be expensive 🙂

Imagine for a moment you can easily remove that tattoo at home…

The reality is that you can 🙂

It all depends on the method you choose…

How to remove a tattoo:

  •  Today, the most popular method of removing a tattoo is laser treatment – some people think this is the only method for real success. This was the method Tania chose – she shares her story here.

It is expensive, can be painful, results are not guaranteed (some colours are nigh impossible to remove) and sessions may be needed over many months to remove your tattoo.


  • Chemical peels are the method preferred by some. If you decide on go down this route, my best advice would be to talk to your dermatologist.

The chemicals needed are readily available, so some people try to use chemical peels at home. Not advisable. Even breathing in the fumes of some of these ingredients is very dangerous and these chemicals can damage the skin permanently - it can happen within seconds in unskilled hands.

A chemical to avoid is TCA (Trichloroacetic acid), which can cause terrible skin damage and hyper or hypo skin pigmentation. Check out the link below. ..http://www.sciencestuff.com/msds/C2923.html

  •  Similarly, there are a number of tattoo removal creams you can buy. Many contain dangerous chemicals like Hydroquinone. This has been banned in some countries as a possible cancer causing agent.
  •  Then there are the surgical methods –  cutting the tattoo out – under anaesthetic these days, fortunately. Much depends on the size of the tattoo and where it is on the body – skin grafts are sometimes needed to hide the scars.
  •  Anaesthetic is also used these days with the dermabrasion and salabrasion methods where the skin is “sanded” to remove the tattoo pigment deep down in the skin. Dermabrasion uses a specially designed skin sanding tool, salabrasion uses  salt.

Success with tattoo removal depends onPeople used to go through this without anaesthetic - it makes you shudder just to think about it, doesn't it?

These then, are the basic methods of tattoo removal.

Which ever method you choose, there are further complications…

he wishes he knew how to remove a tattoo at home Success depends on

  • your skin colour
  • how old the tattoo is
  • it’s size and  position on the body
  • the depth of the ink (whether it’s a single tat or coverup)
  • the type of ink
  • homemade or professional tattoo
  • the colours used and
  • your pain threshold.

With all these variables, you can understand why results will be different for each person.

So, we have to draw the conclusion that deciding on the best tattoo removal method is not quite as simple as we might have first thought…

But do you remember I said it was quite easy when you know how?

There is another method you need to consider…

How to remove a tattoo at home.

Most people think it’s impossible to remove a tattoo at home. Others think it’s going to be very painful.
Neither assumption is true.

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