Is salabrasion for tattoo removal painful?


A high pain threshold is essential to even consider using this method, no matter how desperate you are to remove a tattoo.

For many years, salabrasion was one of the few methods of tattoo removal.

Dermabrasion was another. It’s a very similar process – the difference being …

  • salabrasion uses salt to scrub down into the tattoo ink
  • dermabrasion uses harsh items like powdered pumice, brown sugar crystals or apricot kernels instead of salt.

These methods are rarely used today.

They may be carried out by a dermatologist or other medic when a local anaesthetic will be given.

However, you can carry them out at home and it’s an inexpensive method of tattoo removal …

Which, of course, is very attractive, particularly when compared to the cost of laser treatment.

To be honest, it’s not a method I can ever recommend to anyone …

Is salabrasion for tattoo removal painful?

It is …in fact …

It’s probably the most agonizing, uncomfortable and painful method of tattoo removal you can use.

This is why you need to be sure you have a high pain threshold before you begin – or you will be left with a part removed tattoo which could look worse than the original …

Unfortunately, you will find many pages on the web recommending salabrasion and dermabrasion as a “quick and easy methods of tattoo removal.”

They are anything but …

There are inexpensive, painfree methods of home tattoo removal you can use instead 🙂


Towards the bottom of this post, I have included a picture to show the reality of a part-completed salabrasion session.

You can judge for yourself if this is a tattoo removal method you want to use.

It’s a gory mess, so click away now if you are squeamish.

Is salabrasion for tattoo removal easy to carry out?

diagram showing tattoo ink in dermisIn theory, yes.

The procedure is pretty simple and involves scrubbing off the top layer of skin – the epidermis – and getting down into the second layer of skin – the dermis – which is where the tattoo ink is.

Is salabrasion for tattoo removal dangerous?

I’d say so!

Before you start to use the salabrasion process to get rid of your tattoos, you need to know there are severe risks of infection and scarring.

Permanent discolouration of the skin in the treated area is another possibility.

What do you need for salabrasion?

You will almost certianly find you need anaesthetic which will lessen the discomfort throughout the procedure.

Some people immediately think of drinking lots of alcohol, but you need to remain in control.

Some people like to rub in the salt with ice, as this has a numbing effect and helps to stop the bleeding.

There is some evidence that the salt itself has a local anaesthetic effect.

Whether it is better to use sea salt, rock salt or table salt is a mute point.

Which ever type you choose, you are going to need lots of it.

 salt and sponge for salabrasionThe materials are simple…

  • Some people like to wrap the two middle fingers in wet gauze dipped in salt
  • Others prefer to use a rough sponge and salt
  • Others like to use a damp wash cloth and salt
  • Others like to use a small piece of wood and coat it in wet gauze and salt.

Some people prefer to use hydrogen peroxide to moisten the salt.

Others prefer to use it at the end. Mostly though, water is used to moisten the salt.

What is important is that everything is sterile.

Has long does salabrasion take?

Each session will take between 30-40 minutes of massaging salt into the skin.

For best results, the whole of the tattoo area must first be shaved and cleaned.

The abrasive device must  be used to scrub the tattoo, adding more salt as needed, until the skin has turned a deep red colour.

More than likely, there may be bleeding as most of the epidermis and some of your dermis will be removed during this time.

is salabrasion for tattoo removal dangerous Immediately after the skin has been scrubbed, the open wound requires cleaning and protection.

This is where some people use the hydrogen peroxide.

An antibiotic cream or liquid vitamin E must be applied immediately and the wound carefully bandaged in sterile gauze.

After three days, the gauze should be changed and more antibiotic cream applied.

After about a further three days, the area should be scabbing  and some of the unwanted tattoo ink should be in those scabs.

Healing will probably take about three weeks – then you start the whole painful process again.

More than one treatment will be needed to get rid of all the ink.

There can only be one answer to the question:

Is salabrasion for tattoo removal ever to be recommended?

I don’t think so …

I can’t imagine going through this – can you?

It’s brutal – barbaric even … but the choice is yours.

Are there safe alternatives for removing a tattoo at home ?

There are 🙂

Why not use an inexpensive, pain free method of home tattoo removal without the risks of infection and scars?

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