Tattoo removal at home sounds like a great idea …

You may be wondering if it possible?

Here’s the good news …

You can remove a tattoo at home 🙂

And here’s the really good news …

  • there’s no pain or scars
  • no side effects and
  • no nasty chemicals if you follow the method I recommend which is

  • scientifically proven and
  • dermatologist approved.

And yes, it works…

I guess at this stage, you are wondering which planet I’m on … and why you and millions of others haven’t heard of this successful method of tattoo removal at home 🙂

And that is simple to explain … the most popular neck tattoo removal with picomethod of tattoo removal is by laser…

Laser tattoo removal has been around for twenty years … and …

It’s big business – that means highly profitable 🙂 … and you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of qualifications to open an laser clinic … a tattoo that cost just $25 can cost $$$$ to remove, (depending on the colours of ink) …

Opening a laser tattoo removal clinic is very profitable.

Today, it is estimated that 14% of all Americans have at least one tattoo…

1 in 10 are having or are planning to get at least one tattoo removed.

So you can understand why the clinics would much rather you didn’t know about this method of home tattoo removal …

Let me explain …

How does tattoo removal at home work ?

It’s quite simple…

The ink is broken down with gentle massage techniques and particular ingredients.

Your lymph system gets rid of the ink.

There is no need to damage your skin.

If this sounds just too simple to be possible, here’s how this method came about …

It was developed by a professional Tattoo Artist and Cover-Up specialist, Jason Carter.

The end of his marriage left him with tattoos which were embarrassing.

Jason knew too much about the usual methods of tattoo removal to want to use them on himself … he’d seen the scars on many of his clients.herbs are used in tattoo removal from homeThrough his grandmother, he had developed an interest in natural cures …

This was his starting point

Jason wanted to get rid of his tattoos at home without any pain, scars or danger …

So he experimented on himself and documented what he was doing.

He was a man on a mission!

His friends and clients saw his tattoos fading and the eventual success of getting rid of them completely. Of course, they wanted to know more about this method of tattoo removal at home, so Jason shared his success.

Gradually, friend told friend …

If you have unwanted and embarrassing tattoos, you can understand how word would spread, particularly as they had seen the evidence with their own eyes.

Jason had proved that you can remove tattoos

  • in your own home
  • in your own time
  • when it suits you…


  • travelling time or costs
  • time wasted waiting around for the appointment
  • missing work and
  • with no scars or risks of infection

You are in full control 🙂

Is there a down-side to this home tattoo removal method?

It depends on your expectation …

Here’s the down side as I see it … it’s not instantaneous method of tattoo removal.

In my experience, most people who want to get rid of a tattoo want it gone there and then – instantly.

I’m afraid that’s just not possible …diagram of skin showing why tattoo removal at home takes time

You see, the tattoo ink has been injected deep in to the dermis, the second layer of skin, so it’s not easy to get rid of it.

There are a number of methods of tattoo removal …

The most instantaneous method would be having the tattoo cut out (excision – and that’s pretty drastic). Then you have to go through the healing process and there may be scars.

Even laser tattoo removal is not instantaneous … it can take many sessions, weeks apart, often over 1-2 years or longer, to get rid of a tattoo.

Is this home method of tattoo removal expensive?

Jason reckons it costs about £15 a month.

You will have some of the necessary ingredients at home. Others will most likely be readily available locally – if not, Jason tells you where to buy them 🙂

What are the other methods of tattoo removal?

Years ago, there were only two methods of tattoo removal and the processes were basically the same – rubbing off the top layers of skin to get down to the tattoo ink and them scrubbing the ink out.

Worse still, you had to let the area heal and then repeat the process a number of times to get all the ink out.

dermabrasion wheel - not ideal for tattoo removal at homeOne method was dermabrasion, which  involved using an abrasive of some sort to break the skin and get down to the tattoo ink.

The other was salabrasion which involved the use of salt for the scrubbing … can you imagine how that would sting?

If you are wondering what the salabrasion process looks like … and have a strong stomach, have a look at this part completed salabrasion ...

Fortunately, these brutal methods are no longer necessary.

But if you research tattoo removal at home, you will come across people still recommending variations on these methods, using ground-up apricot kernels, pumice or brown sugar, for example.

And, there are plenty of other crazy methods being recommended, which are guaranteed to cause skin damage, including burning the skin with acids, irons and industrial bleaches to get rid of tattoos.

Today, it is possible to have a dermatologist use acid (TCA) to get rid of tattoos  and some medical practitioners will use cryosurgery on some tattoos

There’s no need whatsoever to go through any of these painful procedures …

Although the laser clinics try to play it down, laser tattoo removal is a very painful procedure to go through. You have no need to worry about the pain or expense of laser tattoo removal.

getridtattooebookYou can remove your tattoo at home.

If you are wondering …

Does Jason’s system of tattoo removal at home work?

It does …

I have been recommending Get Rid Tattoo Naturally for the last 5 years … here’s my review …


  • You can stop feeling self-conscious about people staring at your embarrassing unwanted tattoos and judging you.
  • You can stop covering up and wear the clothes you like.
  • You can stop obsessing in the mirror over that unwanted tattoo.

Watch the video : Get Rid Tattoo Naturally – you’ll be glad you did 🙂