Finding “tattoo removal near me” is probably easier than you think 🙂

And what could be nearer to you than removing your tattoo, safely and painlessly at home?

If you laughed, or said “In your dreams” I quite understand, but read on to see I am 100% serious 🙂

But if you are in a hurry, or very sceptical 🙂 watch this video

You have a number of choices when it comes to removing your tattoo. Bear in mind that

  • one of the limiting factors is the position of the tattoo you want removed e.g. if it’s on your neck or wrist, for example, excision (cutting the tattoo out), may be out of the question.
  • another limiting factor might be the costs involved.

There are detailed articles on this site about the different methods of tattoo removal. The usual methods of tattoo removal are by

You probably know the most popular method of tattoo removal today is by laser … more info on this in a moment 🙂

Of course, the cheapest “tattoo removal near me” methods are the home based, but …

Some of these methods are not to be recommended from the point of view of pain and inevitable scars:

  •  salabrasion
  • dermabrasion (that’s like salabrasion, but using harsh ingredients like apricot kernels, pumice or brown sugar to abrade the skin instead of salt),
  • bleach of various types,
  • burning etc etc

Here’s one to consider …

Have a look at a pain free, scar free home method for tattoo removal I have been recommending for more than five years 🙂

The originator of the system is a Professional Tattoo Artist and Cover-up Specialist … and  he has just produced a safe tattoo removal cream you can use at home 🙂

It will remove black tattoos in about four months.

Then there are medical methods of tattoo removal like cryosurgery or excision – you need to talk to your health professional about these.

You might want to consider TCA with a dermatologist. (Definitely not to be recommended as a home method of tattoo removal).

Don’t know your nearest dermatologist?

It would be quite straightforward to google “tattoo removal near me” to find one in your local area.

Then there is laser tattoo removal …

Here’s what I suggest…

A good place to start asking about tattoo removal might be your local tattoo parlour.

You are probably not the first person to ask them for advice on tattoo removal and they may be able to make a recommendation.

Some tattoo parlours do remove tattoos, or may suggest a cover up.

Could that be an option you should consider?

However, I suspect you may be thinking more along the line of laser tattoo removal …

Laser tattoo removaan example of tattoo removal near me with laserl is a serious medical procedure.

Not many people seem to realise this. It should not be undertaken lightly.

It’s also the most expensive method of tattoo removal.

How to choose a laser tattoo removal clinic.

Depending on where you live, there could be many clinics available to you. If you search ” tattoo removal near me” scores of adverts may come up.

Then it’s a case of who to choose … and you need to choose very carefully, or you could be scarred for life.

    1. Laser tattoo removal is a business where profits are huge, so, sad to say, it has attracted some unscrupulous operators.You need to choose a clinic with care to be sure you will be happy with the result. With just a little research on the internet, you will see you a lot can go wrong. There are some horrific pictures of huge blisters etc. You definitely don’t want to just walk into a clinic and trust that all will be well.
    2. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest option. This is not a sensible idea. The treatment they are offering is cheap for a reason. The operator may only be “manufacturer trained” which means they can follow the instructions in the User Manual which came with the laser. For all you know, they may be using you as practice 🙁 This is particularly likely if you are offered inexpensive laser tattoo removal in your own home.
    3. the cost of tattoo removal near meYou need to check out the qualifications of the the person who will be removing your tattoo. Bear in mind a medical qualification does not mean they are qualified to use a laser.The training of the laser operator is very important, as is the type of laser they will be using…
    4. Depending on the colours in your tattoo, and whether it a professional or amateur tattoo, the operator will need to use their judgement on which type of laser to use.Many now say the best is the PicoSure. This has the advantage of removing some colours which used to cause problems.
    5. You will probably need fewer sessions with this laser, but the cost per session is greater. They are very expensive machines so are not available everywhere.
    6. You can work out the approximate cost of removing your tattoo by using the same charts they will use at the clinic.
    7. Make no mistake – although many clinics state in their advertising that laser tattoo removal is pain-free, this is just not true.You may need an anaesthetic cream applied beforehand – and this can be expensive, so you’ll need to factor this in. You will be in pain afterwards and need to avoid the possibility of infection.

As you will now appreciate, it’s not just a case of choosing a clinic and turning up for the treatment.

It would be true to say laser tattoo removal can be a bit of a minefield and an expensive one, as well.

Here’s where I can help 🙂

If you have decided laser tattoo removal is the method for you, I recommend you check out this Guide.

Tania has been through laser tattoo removal herself –  she gives you a video of her treatment and an interview with her laser physician. This will show you exactly what you will experience.

She guides you through the process, right from the first visit to the laser clinic, suggesting the important questions to ask.

Think about it – you are about to go through an experience you have never been through before – a serious medical procedure. Do you really know which searching questions you should be asking?

She also has a section you will be particularly interested in:

“”How do I choose the right laser professional, and what specific search tools can I use to find a qualified professional in my area?”zapmeup

Isn’t that exactly what you want to know? Not just “tattoo removal near me” – but the best qualified laser professional in your area …

Think of the peace of mind that will give you 🙂

Even better, she guides you through the process, telling you what to expect at each and every stage of laser tattoo removal.

She guides you through

  • what to expect on the day of your treatment
  • the possible complications and side effects,
  • how to avoid physical pain and the risks of infection and scarring
  • and so much more. This guide will give you peace of mind.

Check it out – you’ll be glad you did 🙂

I bet when you started out, you had no idea you had so many choices for  “tattoo removal near me” 🙂

Are you confused as to what to do first?

Here’s what I suggest:

Consider the amount of money you can spend and your pain threshold …

if you have thousands to spend on laser removal, will you be able to withstand the pain?

How far will you need to travel to get to a clinic? Is it near you?


Check out the price for having a dermatologist near you burn off your tattoos with TCA


Check out excision and cryosurgery if you you don’t mind having scars

If you don’t have much money to spend, you are left with at home methods …

I definitely would not recommend dermabrasion or salabrasion (did you look at the picture of a part completed salabrasion? can you imagine the pain?) or any of the other methods of burning off tattoos.

If you think using a tattoo removal cream may be the answer, choose carefully … you might like to read this post.

You are left with removing your tattoos at home using natural ingredients …

  • scientifically proven to work
  • dermatologist tested and approved

Even here you have a choice 🙂

You can make up the cream yourself or buy it ready made …

And it will be far, far cheaper than laser removal 🙂

Black ink tattoos could be gone in 4 months with just a few minutes work each day … (those with colours will take longer).

Definitely want to get rid of that embarrassing tattoo?

Watch the video at Get Rid Tattoo … you’ll be glad you did 🙂